The Real-time Lives of Cities: Digital Public Spaces as a New Space for Public Art in the Information Era

By Salvatore Iaconesi.

Published by The International Journal of New Media, Technology and the Arts

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The contemporary city interweaves its digital and physical spaces to form a new urban space. As millions of simultaneous elements of information become accessible in the spaces of our everyday lives, the ways in which we learn, work, relate, make decisions, express emotions and consume change. Situated and ubiquitous, instantly available information changes both our perception and our sense of proprioception. This scenario fosters the rise of a set of entirely new practices and methodologies for urban intervention, based on the possibility to capture the ubiquitous information flow of the urban infoscape, and use it to shape novel types of artworks, services and designs. This paper will present the results of a series of large-scale experiments executed with research teams and students in Rome, Turin, Trieste, Cosenza, Berlin, London, Hong Kong and Cairo in which the real-time digital life of these cities has been captured to create innovative forms of artworks, info-aesthetic visualizations, services and products, enabling the ideas of Open Knowledge and the possibility to reclaim and recontextualize the new public spaces of the digital era.

Keywords: Ubiquitous Publishing, Urban Sensing, Sensors, Public Space, Social Networks, Education

The International Journal of New Media, Technology and the Arts, Volume 9, Issue 2, February 2015, pp.11-22. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 640.274KB).

Prof. Salvatore Iaconesi

Contract Professor, Department of Industrial Design, Faculty of Architecture, La Sapienza University of Rome, Rome, RM, Italy